Our Alliances

In recent years we have observed a strong sinicization among the managing teams of our clients.
Our integration with our Chinese and Taiwanese partner firms follows the same natural trend.

ASIALLIANS has formed close strategic partnerships with local firms with nationwide expertise in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We also provide legal services to our Chinese clients having investment projects in Africa.


Our service offer combines the experience of a French and European law firm with the full-capacity practice of our local partners.


Since 2003

In China, ASIALLIANS offers unique services integrating the resources of Wang Jing & Co, a local law firm with a team of more than 20 partners and 100 lawyers and professionals whose activities are internationally-orientated.

Since 1996

In Taiwan, ASIALLIANS has formed a long-standing partnership with WTW Commercial Law Firm which has a staff of 26 persons including 13 lawyers admitted to practice on the whole territory of Taiwan.


With our long-term cooperation alliances, we can assist our clients in all areas of law as well as represent them before the local courts.


In Hong Kong, in cooperation with our network of law firms and agents, we assist our clients:

•  structure their Asian activities through a holding company based in Hong Kong,
•  deliver legal opinions,
•  register intellectual property rights,
•  draft contracts
•  handle litigations before judicial courts and arbitration committees


ASIALLIANS has developed throughout the years close cooperation with French lawyers specialized in different practice areas.


Depending on the expertise needed, ASIALLIANS advises its Chinese, Taiwanese and European clients in various fields such as corporate, commercial law as well as dispute resolution in both civil and criminal cases.


ASIALLIANS has joined ABLE network (African Business & Legal Expertise), an international network of African law firms, organising synergy of integrated skills and human ressources in nearly 50 countries in Africa, being today the largest legal network in Africa.


ASIALLIANS is a member of ABLE network so as to provide services to entreprises, investors and international companies having projects involving Chinese and African expertise.


ASIALLIANS is the sole representative of ABLE network in North and South-East Asia.

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