China legal update: NCP outbreak: Special Epidemic Preventive Measures on Overseas Travelers (Ⅳ)

China legal update: NCP outbreak: Special Epidemic Preventive Measures on Overseas Travelers (Ⅳ)

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NCP outbreak: Special Epidemic Preventive Measures on Overseas Travelers (Ⅳ)

On March 18, 2020, China reported 34 new confirmed cases, surprisingly, they are all imported cases found from oversea travelers1. Currently, as there are more and more overseas travelers, the PRC local government released that for the 14-day quarantine expenses, oversea travelers shall pay them at their own expenses. In addition, for potential medical treatment expenses, overseas travelers shall pay them at their own expense if they are not covered by either the PRC medical insurance or other commercial insurance (medical aid can be provided for people who really suffers difficulties).

To better control the spread of the epidemic, the PRC quarantine rules released last week2 have been tightened urgently:

Recently, some inbound travelers were found to have hidden their travels to key epidemic countries/regions, or even hide their fever symptoms by taking fever-reducing medicine. To better clarify this, the PRC Supreme Court together with four other governmental departments have released a Guidance9 on March 16, 2020 to detail the crime of disturbing frontier health and quarantine, which is stipulated in article 332 of PRC Criminal Law and offenders could face a maximum of 3 years in prison. Specifically, five misbehaviors are detailed to be regarded as committing a crime of disturbing frontier health and quarantine:

As the epidemic continues to progress worldwide, China may gradually update the quarantine rules. Travelers with plans to visit China are advised to pay close attention to the notice issued by relevant government departments, and we will keep monitoring the further adjustment.

NCP outbreak: What enterprises need to know about the preferential policies of housing fund?

In order to reduce the operating pressure of enterprises during the epidemic period, the local governments have issued relevant policies to support enterprises that are affected by the epidemic and have difficulty in operating, by reducing the contribution rate of housing fund, or allow enterprises to defer housing fund. The following table summarizes the policies of some major cities in China:

Should you need more details about the housing fund policy, please contact

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In Shanghai, as of March 23, all inbound travelers shall undergo nucleic acid tests, no matter if they are coming from the above 24 countries.

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For the contribution rate, currently no official document released on governmental website. We obtained the update by orally checking with the Tianjin House Fund Management Center by 022-12329.


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