Covid-19: Relaxed Updated Rules for Inbound Travelers to Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Covid-19: Relaxed Updated Rules for Inbound Travelers to Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

1. Covid-19: Relaxed Updated Rules for Inbound Travelers to Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

During the covid-19 pandemic, China has always followed strict Covid-19 measures such as flight cancellation policy, nucleic acid test rules, quarantine rules, etc. Recently updated policies lowered restrictions for foreign travelers.

See specific requirements in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as follows:

2. E-Commerce Law: Rules regarding Livestreaming Hosts Clarified

Webcast marketing has become an important means of online shopping in China during the pandemic period, and many companies are beginning to choose livestreaming as a new method for marketing.

Effective from June 8, 2022, in order to regulate the booming livestreaming sales industry where it has seen an increase of misbehaviors of hosts who conducted counterfeit goods sales, wasting food activities, false advertisement, etc., the National Radio and Television Administration and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism jointly formulated the Code of Conduct for Livestreaming Hosts (the “Code”). The principal articles are as follows:

(1) Scope of livestreaming hosts

The Code regulates hosts who provide online performances and audio-visual program services via the internet, including those who:

  • carry out livestreaming on online platforms,
  • communicate and interact with users in real time,
  • express their voices or make appearances by uploading audio and video programs,
  • virtual hosts and content formed by way of artificial intelligence.11


(2) Forbidden misbehaviors

Livestreaming hosts shall not perform the following misbehaviors:

① Extravagantly waste food by displaying false eating, vomiting, overeating, etc., or any other content that is likely to cause bad dietary consumption or food waste;

Damage ecology and the environment by displaying content such as cruelty to animals and killing or eating animals under state protection;

Market counterfeit goods or other goods that infringe upon intellectual property rights or fail to meet the requirements for safeguarding personal and property safety.12


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  1. According to Article 50 of Law of the PRC on Penalties for the Violation of Public Security Administration, any traveler who fails to observe the rules shall be given a warning or be fined not more than CNY200; and if the circumstances are serious, he shall be detained for not less than five days but not more than 10 days, and may be fined not more than CNY500. In addition, he may also bear criminal liability.
  2. Two tests shall be taken in recognized organizations. For people living in France, see the list of recognized organizations:
  3. You cannot book any living place in advance. If the destination is Beijing, the centralized quarantine could be in a hotel or a special community at remote areas of Beijing. If the destination is Shanghai, the centralized quarantine place is usually a hotel.
    Besides, there are many procedures in mainland, and usually it takes around 5 hours for you to get to the quarantine place after arrival.
  4. There are three conditions for those who would like to spend the last 3 days at home: Firstly, you need to have a residence in the city where you have finished your centralized quarantine; Secondly, during these 3 days, your family members who stay with you cannot go out either; Thirdly, your community agrees that you do the 3-day quarantine at home. If one of the conditions is not met, you still have to spend the last 3 days in a centralized quarantine place.
  5. Only after you have obtained your green health code could you leave the quarantine place. In practice, it usually would be the 11th day (morning, afternoon or evening) of your arrival in mainland.
  6. According to Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation, Cap. 599E, it is an offence if you fail to observe any of the quarantine rules. On conviction, you are liable to a fine of HK$ 25,000 and to imprisonment for 6 months.
  7. See the list of DQH:
    In practice, currently the booking of DQH is very difficult as today many Chinese choose to go back to mainland by transferring in HK. You need to be careful that you have already obtained the reservation confirmation before boarding, otherwise, you will be refused to take on the plane.
  8. HK government has recently changed the quarantine rules (effective on August 12, 2022). Currently, anyone who has finished the 3-day hotel quarantine will be free but your health code will still be yellow. Therefore, you could go any place where there is no need for a blue health code. For those who are going to Mainland, you could now take the plane/bus after the 3-day hotel quarantine.
    Besides, the time that you could leave the hotel is when you obtain your PCR result tested on the 3rd day, and thus it usually would be the morning/afternoon of your 4th day in HK.
  9. According to Article 58 of Communicable Disease Control Act, any traveler who refuses, evades, or obstructs such measures, or provides inaccurate information shall be fined up to NT$150,000 and may bear criminal liability.
  10. If an arrival needs to go out for necessary reasons, a negative result from an at-home rapid test taken within two days should be presented. See some necessary reasons for example: An arrival needs to buy daily necessities; An arrival fulfilling business contractual obligations may go to work, conduct site visits, give a speech, have a meeting, dine alone or with specific persons in a separate space in a restaurant.
  11. Article 1 of the Code.
  12. Article 14 of the Code.