Asiallians Africa Practice

Asiallians Africa Practice


We coordinate an independent Pan-African network for business law firms from 45 African jurisdictions.


Asiallians is the first French Law Firm providing its clients with an integrated Euro-Asian service offer.

ASIALLIANS是一间注册于法国巴黎律师协会的律师事务所,其国际网络能为客户于欧洲 , 中国大陆,台湾及非洲及提供专业法律服务。

ASIALLIANS is a French law firm registered with Paris Bar Association. Asiallians coordinates a network of laws firms having a recognized business law practice in Europe, Mainland China, Taiwan and Africa.


We advise French and European major accounts as well as small and medium size enterprises in the traditional field of Foreign Direct Investment, and also in more specialized areas of expertise such as Intellectual Property Protection, Distribution Law, Labor Law, Transnational taxation, Securities Law or Customs practices. We also accompany Chinese and Taiwanese companies investing in Europe or Africa.


Our teams are dedicated to supporting our clientele in all industry areas: heavy industry, aeronautics, service sector, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, technology, luxury group.


• 在喀麦隆为价值30亿美元的EPC项目提供中国国有企业咨询服务(建筑领域)
Advising a Chinese SOE on a 3 billion USD EPC project in Cameroon (construction sector)

• 在安哥拉为价值7千万美元的绿地投资计划 ( 制造领域 ) 与多层级的海外SPV (特殊目的公司) 提供咨询服务及项目落地支持
Advising a Chinese SOE on a 70 million USD greenfield investment in Angola with multiple layers of offshore SPVs (manufacturing sector)

• 向中国国有企业提供于安哥拉2千万合资企业投资 (农业领域)方面上的专业建议
Advising a Chinese SOE on a 20 million joint venture investment in Angola (agriculture sector)

• 协助中国国有企业与地方政府和多个非洲国家的开发银行进行PPP项目
Assisting a Chinese SOE on a PPP project with local governments and a development bank in
multiple African countries

• 协助中国上市公司于毛里求斯,肯尼亚及安哥拉等国家开展尽职调查
Assisting a Chinese public-listed company for due diligences in Mauritius, Kenya and Angola

• 为中国国有企业在安哥拉、喀麦隆、肯尼亚、津巴布韦及其他非洲国家提供常年法律服务,包括但不限于公司法律制度、劳动法律制度,税务制度、商标保护制度、进口境管理制度等公司日常运营常见领域
Assisting a Chinese SOE on legal compliance in Angola, Cameroon, Kenya, Zimbabwe and other African countries on a long term basis, including but not limited to corporate compliance, labor, tax, trademark protection, import & export, public relationships, etc

• 协助中国公司于安哥拉及肯尼亚的刑事诉讼
Assisting a Chinese company with criminal proceedings in Angola and Kenya

• 协助中国国有企业于瑞士规则下的国际仲裁初步阶段,争议金额20亿美元
Assisting a Chinese SOE with preliminary phases in an international arbitration under Swiss Rules, amount in dispute 2 billion USD

• 协助非洲公司向北京国有企业申请损害赔偿
Assisting an African company claiming damages against a Chinese SOE in Beijing

• 提供多个中国大陆公司多项投资机会,包括但不限于矿产业,建筑业等众多领域
Providing investment opportunities (mineral, construction, etc) to multiple Chinese companies



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