China legal update: NCP Outbreak: Special Epidemic Preventive Measures on Overseas Travelers (II)

China legal update: NCP Outbreak: Special Epidemic Preventive Measures on Overseas Travelers (II)

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NCP Outbreak: Special Epidemic Preventive Measures on Overseas Travelers (II)

Recently, as the NCP epidemic has spread across the world, the number of the confirmed cases outside China are worrying. So far, the number of confirmed cases abroad has reached 17637, with 267 deaths. The number of cases increased by nearly 1,800 on March 4, 2020, exceeding China’s growth in the same period. In Zhejiang province, all confirmed cases reported on March 2 were travelers from Italy, and in Beijing, all new 4 confirmed cases reported on March 6 were travelers from Italy, meanwhile, Beijing and Ningxia also had confirmed cases of travelers from Iran.

In order to prevent the import of the overseas epidemic, leading to the re-exaggeration of the domestic epidemic, the State Council released during its press conference that overseas travelers will be treated no differently than Chinese citizens in terms of epidemic control1. Further to that, many cities have adjusted their policies2, requiring foreigners to conduct the quarantine for 14 days after entering the city (at home or in a designated hotel). The following is a detailed summary of important cities with international airports:

At present, South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy are clearly listed as the most seriously infected countries by most Chinese cities upon orally checking with governmental authorities, while France and Germany are not clearly mentioned.

As the quarantine shall normally be conducted at home according to the rules of the local residential community, thus, if you do have a fixed residence in your Chinese city, it is better for you to have a check with your community first. However, please also bear in mind that the answer you obtained today might not be applicable tomorrow as the situation is rapidly changing.

We will keep a close eye on the international situation and the policies of local governments on border control.

NCP Outbreak: Digital Prevention and Control System Implemented in China

With the resumption of work and production of enterprises in China, the flow of people is gradually increasing, and the prevention and control of the epidemic is facing new challenges. To strengthen the prevention and control on NCP Outbreak, several important provinces and cities have gradually established the corresponding health status tracking system, which brings everyone’s health status into the big data management, and divides the population into healthy people, people under medical quarantine ,etc. by showing on a QR code with different colors to easily indicate their health status. Specifically, it requires people to apply a digital health code online via smartphone through Alipay, WeChat or other APPs by entering their basic personal information and health condition, and upon receipt of a correct QR code (normally green color), people are permitted to enter public places, such as banks, government offices, and communities, etc. The color of the code will be refreshed on a daily basis.

The following are the current regulations on health codes made by the major provinces and cities:

It is reported that more versions of languages will be released gradually by different cities to enable foreigners to register a digital code. Should you need to know how to apply such health code, or which public places are mandatorily requested to show such health code, please contact

NCP Outbreak: Tax Declaration Deadline Postponed to March 23, 2020

In February, PRC State Taxation Administration released two notifications to postpone the deadline of tax filing in February.12 Currently, the monthly tax filing in March has been extended as well and the new deadline is March 23, 2020.13

In addition, deadline can be further postponed for the following:

(1) Regions where NCP epidemic is still serious

(2) Taxpayers who still have financial difficulties (an application shall be made in advance)

Please be informed that ASIALLIANS is fully operational, remains at your service and all our teams are currently mobilized in all of our offices in China, but also in Hong Kong, Taipei and Paris.


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