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Legal Watch

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Legal Opinions, Legal And Tax Optimization

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Registration Of Intellectual Property Rights

Information checking, feasibility study and up-front anticipation of legal risks are essential steps for an investment project.

ASIALLIANS network and its teams of lawyers are established in 11 offices in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are able to dedicate effective and specialized audit teams located at or near the site of your project, and to conduct a comprehensive study on all legal aspects of the proposed acquisition (legal entity structure of the target, review of commercial contracts and litigation in progress, verification of compliance with the sector’s regulations, environmental law, employment law, etc.) in coordination with accounting teams and financial audit teams of the ASIALLIANS network.

We conduct legal watch on any industry or specialized area of law so that our clients can anticipate any significant change that could impact their activity.

ASIALLIANS advises you from the very beginning on the feasibility and optimization of your project including the structuring, appropriate investment vehicle, terms and conditions of the investment, tax optimization, etc…

We also assist you in registering your intellectual property rights (patents, designs, trademarks, domain names, registration of rights in applying to the relevant authorities), prior to your establishment.

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