Outbound Investments

A full service expertise and global assistance

ASIALLIANS accompanies and assists :

ASIALLIANS accompanies a growing number of companies from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for their investments in Asia, Africa and Europe.

ASIALLIANS handles all local approval procedures prior to any investment outside the territory, either to the NDRC, the Ministry of Commerce and the Chinese provincial authorities, or to the Taiwanese authorities in charge of controlling Taiwanese investments in China.

ASIALLIANS supports its Asian clients in the territories of Europe, Africa and Asia to carry out their investment projects: acquisition of OTC companies, acquisition of companies before the commercial courts, equity, asset acquisition, legal entities creation, distribution agreements, acquisition of mining rights, conclusion of agreements in maritime and transport law, etc..

ASIALLIANS acts to support Asian companies in all fields: computer science, aviation, luxury, automobiles, services, transport and logistics, etc..

ASIALLIANS assists and represents its Asian clients before judicial courts of France for all types of civil, commercial and criminal litigation, as well as before national and international arbitration centers.

ASIALLIANS is the sole Asia based member and representative of ABLE, an African network of attorneys and other professionals who offers assistance and solutions in more than 40 countries in Africa, with expertise in commercial, civil and criminal law, finance, merger & acquisition, accounting, tax, compliance, environmental protection, arbitration and judicial litigations.

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